Thank you for stopping by my shop! 

I have recently moved from Etsy and I’m super excited to share my creations here on BigCartel. 

My name is Sammie and I'm a stay at home mom of TWO...21 months old Qiana aka Qiqi (QiqiCouture) and a 4 months old son! I loved dressing up my daughter that I decided to make my own accessories for her. I taught myself how to sew from YouTube within a few days and opened up shop...since then I haven't stopped sewing. I'm a one woman shop...I do everything from designing, sewing, marketing, to packaging/shipping. 

It has been difficult to run the shop these days with 2 babies, but I can't seem to stop...even if it means no sleep. I'm proud to say I have officially sold 3,000 items and hit my 1,000th 5stars review on etsy!!! I just love creating these sparkle accessories for you and your little ones! Please support our small family business and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @qiqicouture for more pictures, flash sales, and new product releases! 

Based in San Francisco, EST 2015

Instagram @qiqicouture